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Kapiva Liver Care Juice

Helps reduce fatty liver

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    • Kapiva Liver Care Juice is loaded with natural Ayurvedic herbs namely Aloe Vera, Bhui Amla, Kalmegh, Kutki and fresh Haldi that collectively benefit your liver health.#A blend of 5 Ayurvedic herbs, this juice helps address excess LDL cholesterol levels in blood.
    • Its high antioxidant content helps remove free radicals produced due to poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle and alcohol consumption.
    • Aloe Vera in this juice is sourced from Thar desert, pre-flowering wild Kalmegh which is known for its high alkaloid content and cold-pressed haldi are also the key ingredients.
    • The herbs are added to water in a chemical-free kwath process.
    • Aloe vera’s pulp is then added as pulp to prepare this nutritious juice for your liver health.

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