Health Checkups

PCOS Care Package

Take tests from 100% NABH/NABL certified lab tests from the comfort of your home.

*inclusive of all taxes

Max of 5 products can be purchased at a time

    • Complete Haemogram, FSH, Insulin and Prolactin Tests

    • Certified labs and centres

    • 100% safe and hygienic

    • Sample collection from home

    • Online reports in 24 hours

    • Cloud storage of reports

    • Free doctor consultation 

    • Exclusive offers and Cashbacks

    • Complete Haemogram

    • FSH - Follicle Stimulating Hormone

    • Insulin - Fasting

    • LH - Luteinizing Hormone

    • Prolactin

    • Testosterone Tota

    • TSH Ultra-Sensitive

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